Optical (46)

The ZEISS OMEGA pallet system is designed for the ZEISS O-INSPECT, O-DETECT and O-SELECT optical measuring instruments. Pallets are available with a smooth surface, made of glass suitable for transmitted light measurements, or black anodized with drill grids suitable for your own designs with different thread sizes.
1.869,00 €Sales tax not included
 Shipment within 7 Working days
2.144,00 €Sales tax not included
 Shipment within 8 Working days
1.645,00 €Sales tax not included
 Shipment within 11 Working days
OMEGA SELECT pallet, blank
305,80 €Sales tax not included
 Shipment within 4 Working days
OMEGA SELECT frame pallet
305,80 €Sales tax not included
 Shipment within 2 Working days
50mm Elevators for OMEGA pallets
Length (L)
50,0 mm
515,90 €Sales tax not included
 Shipment within 13 Working days