ZEISS REACH CFX® 5 is an high-end extension with an high-end carbon fiber which has special benefits in stiffness. This carbon fibre has the highest tensile strength in the market and the tube is winded in a special way. The complete extension is developed for high-end applications on high-end machines. They are used when the requirement on the reproduceability and accuracy of the measuring results are on the highes level. With these extension it is possible to get the the best possible performance out of high-end machines. REACH CFX® 5 extensions are the perfect extension for highest performance measurements. Compared to ZEISS REACH CFX® 3 the CFX® 5 extensions have up to 40% better rigidity and can be used with the same accuracy at a higher scanning speed. ZEISS REACH CFX® 5 extensions are recommended for experienced users on high-end machines like ZEISS MICURA, ZEISS PRISMO ultra and ZEISS XENOS.

To ensure that you always measure with the highest possible accuracy, ZEISS will no longer sell aluminum and titanium extensions with L30mm.

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