ZEISS styli are available in a wide variety of designs. A large portfolio of standard styli for M2, M3, M3XXT or M5 threads is available. For these styli, different stylus elements made of different materials and different shaft designs are available. Furthermore, there are also styli without thread, as well as special styli for form, contour and surface measurements available.
  • M5
    Styli with M5 thread are the ideal choice for the ZEISS VAST probe system.
  • M3 XXT
    M3 XXT
    Styli with M3 thread and an enlarged 5 mm base suitable for the ZEISS VAST XXT scanning sensors
  • M3 Renishaw
    M3 Renishaw
    Styli with M3 thread suitable for ZEISS RST, Renishaw SP and Hexagon HP-S sensors
  • M2
    Styli with M2 thread suitable for Renishaw TP and Hexagon HP touch probes
  • Without Thread
    Without Thread
    Styli without thread can be combined with clamping inserts to form various stylus configurations.