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Tissus de nettoyage absorbond

127,00 €plus TVA

Made of very soft non-woven fabric, this polyester cloth is particularly suitable for cleaning surfaces that are sensitive to scratches. Due to the hydroentanglement of the nonwoven, it is less linty than conventionally manufactured cloths, which is why it is widely used especially in the optical industry and in metrology. Due to its high capillary action and good absorption values, the wipe is popular in a wide range of applications, such as surface cleaning of oils and greases. The cloth is non-abrasive and impresses with its low contamination values

type de produit
chiffon de nettoyage

Chiffons de nettoyage absorbondés, 9 x 9, 300 morceaux. Ltbr/gt Utilisé pour nettoyer les sphères de référence et les modèles d’étalonnage.

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