Styli with M5 thread are ideally suited for systems using the ZEISS VAST active scanning sensor. Different stylus elements (sphere, disk, etc.) made of different materials are available.

In addition to standard ruby and silicon nitride materials, extra-hard diamond styli are available.

Carbon fiber shafts ensure particularly precise results when it comes to finding an optimum of stiffness, weight and thermal expansion.

  • Stylus straight
    Stylus straight
    Styli with straight shaft are used for all standard applications.
  • Stylus stepped
    Stylus stepped
    Styli with stepped shaft for easy accessible parts requiring small spheres.
  • L-styli
    ZEISS L styli for measuring undercuts.
  • T-stylus
    T-styli are particularly suitable for measuring opposing undercuts, such as grooves.
  • Star stylus
    Star stylus
    Star styli enable measurements in different coordinate directions.
  • Cylinder stylus
    Cylinder stylus
    Cylinder styli measure two-dimensionally and are used to measure thin sheets narrow workpiece edges.
  • Disc stylus
    Disc stylus
    Disc styli are used to measure rotationally symmetrical workpieces with undercuts or recesses and bores.
  • Disk
    Disks are used, among other things, for measuring undercuts, recesses or large bores.
  • Stylus tip
    Stylus tip
    Tip styli are used for self-centering probing of grooves or very small bores.
  • Hemisphere stylus
    Hemisphere stylus
    Hemispherical styli for measuring tasks where the focus is on weight.