Swivel vise, 70 mm jaw width for SFG applications product photo Front View L

Swivel vise, 70 mm jaw width for SFG applications

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With this swivel vise, components can be positioned in any direction. Especially with contour measuring devices, this feature is very important in order to always align the component to be measured exactly in the measuring direction. The vice can be tilted in the horizontal axis as well as rotated around the Z-axis.

  • Easy adjusting in all positions
  • Can be swiveled and tilted
  • With printed scale for repeatable positioning
product type

Vise, steel 70 mm jaw width 80 mm clamping width +/- 45° tiltable and 360° rotatable Weight: 12 Kg

Scope of delivery: 1 x swivel vise incl. mounting material

Product note

Uncoated design, vise should be corrosion protected after use to ensure optimum service life

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