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Extension M5 Pro-DG11-L250-1x-CR

263,20 €excl. VAT
Made to Order

ZEISS REACH CFX® 3 M5 pro extensions are designed with a base of Ø20 mm and two index pins to prevent them from rotating. The angular alignment on the cube always remains constant, even after multiple removal and attachment. At the end of each extension, a cone receiver for the adaption of rotable elements is mounted.

  • Lightweight - complex probe systems can be realized
  • Thermally stable - no thermal expansion of the material and associated loss of precision
  • Statically stiff - maximum rigidity enables faster scanning without loss of precision
  • M5 pro system for optimum process reliability
  • With special reciever for rotatable elements
  • CFX 3 quality for high performance measurements
  • Carbon fiber tubes - developed by ZEISS
product type
Connection Type
M5 Pro
Length (L)
250,0 mm
Ø Body (DG)
11,0 mm
Carbon Fiber
Connection Type Out
Cone Receiver
31,0 g
Accuracy Level
Medium - CFX 3

Consisting of: Ø20 mm base with 2 index pins and M5 thread Ø11 carbon fiber tube CFX 3 cone reciever for rotatable elements

Product note

ZEISS REACH CFX 3 extensions are also available in the M5 pro system. In addition to the advantages of ZEISS carbon fiber technology, these extensions can be mounted reproducibly and torsion-free using the M5 pro connector system. The ZEISS REACH CFX® 3 M5 pro system is a well thought-out, patented solution: assembly is simple and safe - no special knowledge is required. The number of screwable interfaces has been reduced and the probe system is arranged so that it cannot twist - thus increasing measuring accuracy and process reliability compared to standard systems. The positive effect is particularly noticeable in series measurements. REACH CFX 1 and CFX 5 extensions are available in the M5 pro version on request.

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