Orienteur Angulaire long, ThermoFit Pro System

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These connection elements have a cone adapter and are combined with an extension with cone receiver. This forms a rotatable connection that is fixed by three set screws.

type de produit
Type de connexion
ThermoFit Pro
Longueur (L)
43,0 mm
Ø Organe (DG)
20,0 mm
longueur de mesure
35,0 mm
Type de connexion Out
Le poids
27,0 g

This blank item is not milled to any angle. As an alternative to the predefined angles available, you can create own angle pieces by means of this blank. A milling device holder is available to help fixtute the blank during the milling and tapping process.

Note sur le produit

Blank angle block long, ThermoFit Pro System, titanium, L: 43, ML: 35, weight: 25 g

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