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pièce d’angle, avec adaptateur de cône

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These connection elements have a cone adapter and are combined with an extension with cone receiver. This forms a rotatable connection that is fixed by three set screws.

type de produit
Type de connexion
adaptateur de cône
Longueur (L)
7,75 mm
Ø Organe (DG)
5,0 mm
longueur de mesure
4,0 mm
Type de connexion Out
Le poids
1,0 g

This blank item is not milled to any angle. As an alternative to the predefined angles available, you can create own angle pieces by means of this blank.

Note sur le produit

Angle piece with cone adapter, blank, titanium, L: 7.75, ML: 4, DG: 5, weight: 1 g

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