Plate Extensions MT/VAST

When building particularly stiff and lightweight stylus systems, it is best to use plate extensions in proven ZEISS REACH CFX® technology. This reduces the number of connection points, saves up to 25% weight and the stiffness is almost doubled. The first extension after the adapter plate is essential for the stiffness of the stylus system. With the ZEISS REACH CFX® plate extensions, it is precisely this connection that has been optimized in terms of high stiffness. The titanium adapter of the plate extension is made from one piece and enables optimum force flow. The plate extensions are attached directly to a VAST adapter plate. They are optionally provided with index holes for the ThermoFit Pro® system, with cubes or simply with a threaded mount. The plate extensions are delivered without exchangeable plates.
Light weight - build complex stylus systems
Thermally stable - no thermal expansion of the material and associated loss of precision
Statically stiff - maximum stiffness allows faster scanning without loss of precision
Carbon fiber tubes - developed by ZEISS
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