Plastic knuckle joint for plastic jaw chuck Ø70 mm

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This articulation element is used to adjust the plastic jaw chuck 626170-0011-160 to a certain angle. With the M6 connection thread, the buckling element can be used on all OmniFix modular systems with M6 thread. Due to the choice of material, the main application is computer tomography.

  • Suitable for plastic jaw chuck Ø70 mm
  • Flexible adjustable
product type
Knuckle Element

Plastic knuckle joint for jaw chuck 626170-0011-160 (not included) diameter 20 mm Length approx. 50 mm With connection thread M6

Scope of delivery: 1 x knuckle joint

Product note

This knuckle joint is especially dimensioned for jaw chuck 626170-0011-160, other elements cannot be adapted.

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