Stepped gauge block 1100mm, DAkkS, Level 1 product photo Front View L

Stepped gauge block 1100mm, DAkkS, Level 1

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product type
Step Gauge
Length (L)
1.100,0 mm

stepped gauge block incl. DAkkS Calibration Level 1: The center distances of the measuring surfaces to the measuring surface 0 are determined. U = 0,1 μm + 0,4 x 10-6 x L

  • Ceramic testing cylinder Ø8.5x20mm
  • Distance of the testing cylinder 40mm
  • Cross section 55x55mm
  • Temperature scale included
  • Marking of the Bessel-Points
  • Galvanized surface
  • Delivery in aluminum case

Product note

All stepped gauge blocks starting from 500mm are mountable to the universal stand. This stand is rotatable and swiveling, this allows to quickly adjust different positions.

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