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Used measuring devices can offer excellent performance when checked in accordance with strict criteria and refurbished. And that is exactly what we guarantee you with our ZEISS Originals systems. ZEISS Originals systems enable you to harness the full potential of your quality assurance and achieve reliable measuring results while sticking to your budget. If you are interested in seeing what's available, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Product note

CMM DuraMax 5/5/5

construction year: 2018 refurbished: 2023

CMM DuraMax 5/5/5 ZEISS CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in cantilever design

This material number 636510-9280-000 is a kit number which comprises a basic device 636510-9905-000 (see CMM nameplate) and some other parts.

  • measuring volume X = 500 mm, Y = 500 mm, Z = 500 mm
  • designed for operation in workshop
  • standard system

Max. Permiss. length measurement Error (MPE) as per ISO 10360-2:2009

  • MPE_E0 (3D) = (2.4 + L/300) µm over 18 - 22 °C

  • MPE_E0 (3D) = (2.7 + L/250) µm over 18 - 26 °C

  • MPE_E0 (3D) = (2.9 + L/200) µm over 18 - 30 °C Max. Permiss. Error (MPE) of scanning probing as per ISO 10360-4:2000 within Maximum Permissible Time (MPT) for scanning test

  • MPE_THP = 2.9 µm in MPT_tau = 55 s Single stylus form error as per ISO 10360-5:2010

  • MPE_PFTU = 2.4 µm Form measuring tolerance as per ISO 12181:2011 (VDI/VDE 2617 part 2.2)

  • MPE_RONt (MZCI) = 2.4 µm

  • VAST XXT measurement technology (tactile passive scanning)

  • PC-based Integrated Scanning Control (ISC) by internal C99L controller

  • International Protection (IP) rating: IP53 for controller, IP54 for shopfloor base

  • glass-ceramic scales in all 3 axes

  • guideways: fully enclosed in all axes

  • integrated passive vibration damping Documentation and licensing

  • CMM documentation (EPLAN 21 in pdf format) on data medium

  • acceptance documents, operating instructions

  • software license for CALYPSO basic package

  • remote service during time of warranty Included in scope of delivery

  • VAST XXT TL3 (tactile passive scanning probe)

  • stylus socket (triple) for adapter plate VAST XXT

  • standard CMM control panel

  • reference kit with reference sphere (diameter 25 mm)

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