ZEISS microfiber cloth 20 x 20 mm

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Contamination on components can significantly affect the quality of measurements. Dust, oil and material buildup inevitably lead to incorrect measurements and thus to avoidable costs. Regular inspection and cleaning of all components is therefore recommended.

With the ZEISS microfiber cloth, you can gently but effectively remove even the smallest amounts of dirt. It is designed for dry cleaning or cleaning with a cleaning spray. It can be used for many surfaces and components in metrology.

  • Gently and effectively removes soiling
  • Universally applicable
  • Ideal for metrological components
product type
Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber cloth size 20 x 20 mm

Examples of use: Styli, calibration balls, change plates, standards, measuring devices, optics, displays and much more.

Product note

Scope of delivery: 1 microfiber cloth in display.

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